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We are a moderate/advanced Star Wars roleplay set in The Rebels/Rogue One/New Hope timeline. We do allow force-sensitive characters, with limitations. To see them, please click on the Force Powers link to the right. Thanks for checking out our site, and say hello in the cbox to let us know you're visiting! .
3/1 Updates have been made to our shop. Characters and factions can now buy planetary influence, which will show up as holonet stories that effect the plot!
2/11 Grand Opening! All new character costs are suspended until Tuesday, 2/14
2/10 Reboot in Progress!
2/9 New Skin!
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No New Posts Droid Handbook
All general information will be contained here. This includes the rules, plot, and announcements.

7 0 Apr 30 2016, 03:48 PM
In: A Guide to HYFI User Groups
By: R2-D2
No New Posts The Daily Galaxy
All announcements, questions, feedback, and suggestion should come here. We want to make this site everything the members want it to be. So help us help you!

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No New Posts Personnel
All applications and the form can be found here. If you're interested in joining, please read the rules and plot first, then come here.

Subforums: Pending, Bounty Hunters, Citizens, Empire, Mercenaries, Rebellion, Underworld

24 24 Apr 10 2017, 09:03 PM
In: Yularen, Wulff
By: BB-8
No New Posts Canons/Claims
Once you've been accepted, please come here to do your claims. You may also reserve a face here while you work on your application.

7 42 Apr 10 2017, 11:43 PM
In: Job Claim
By: Wulff Yularen
No New Posts Development

All character 'stuff' goes here. This includes Plotters, Wanted Ads, Trackers, and Development Pages

Open Threads

Subforums: Plotters, Wanted Ads, Development, Thread Trackers, Group Plots

25 96 Apr 7 2017, 01:02 AM
In: Might, Majesty, and Murder
By: Wulff Yularen

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No New Posts The Core
The Core was the area of the galaxy that bordered the Deep Core and contained some of the wealthiest and most prestigious planets. Coruscant, Corulag, Kuat, Ganthel, Eufornis Major, Scipio, Corellia, Hosnian Prime, Alderaan, and Brentaal IV were all Core Worlds.

Subforums: Alderaan, Brentaal IV, Corellia, Corulag, Coruscant, Eufornis Major, Ganthel, Kuat

1 2 Mar 12 2017, 11:07 AM
In: Ego Crashers
By: Gida Rahn
No New Posts Deep Core
The Deep Core was a region of the galaxy that lay at its very heart. A densely packed mass of stars and planets, the Deep Core was dangerous to navigate. The homeworld of the midi-chlorians was located there.

Subforums: Byss, Force Planet

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No New Posts The Colonies
The Colonies was a region of the galaxy formed by the settling of new worlds by Core Planets. It contained the planets Halcyon, Uquine, Castell, and Cato Neimoidia.

Subforums: Castell, Cato Neimoidia, Halcyon

1 1 Mar 18 2017, 06:26 PM
In: The Transfer of Power
By: Leia Organa
No New Posts Inner Rim
The Inner Rim was a region of the galaxy. The planet Onderon was located in the Inner Rim, as was Gorse and its moon, Cynda. The Inner Rim was originally just called "the Rim" when first settled by the Galactic Republic in 20,100 BBY during the Great Manifest Period. It was expected to be the farthest extent of the known Galaxy for centuries, but the Expansion Region was opened within a hundred years of the Inner Rim.

Subforums: Onderon, Gorse

1 11 Mar 9 2017, 09:56 PM
In: I Suggest a New Flight Plan...
By: Kira Serat
No New Posts Expansion Rim
The Expansion Rim was a region of the galaxy farther from the Core than the Inner Rim, but not as far as the Outer Rim. Located within was the Ghost Nebula, which contained the Umbara system. The region was an experiment in corporate-controlled worlds settled during the Galactic Republic's Great Manifest Period beginning in 20,000 BBY.

Subforums: Umbara

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No New Posts Mid Rim
The Mid Rim, also known as the Mid-Rim, Mid-systems or the Mid Rim Territories, was a region of the galaxy located between the Expansion Region and the Outer Rim Territories. With fewer natural resources—and therefore a smaller population—than many neighboring regions, the Mid Rim was a territory where residents worked hard for everything they had.

Subforums: Kashyyyk, Jedha, Naboo, Shu-torun

3 4 Apr 11 2017, 01:15 AM
In: Convince Me.
By: Wulff Yularen
No New Posts Outer Rim
The Outer Rim, alternatively called the Outer Rim Systems, were located outside the Mid Rim. The Outer Rim was the least widely settled and explored expanse of the galaxy before Wild Space and the Unknown Regions. The largest region in the galaxy, it was strewn with diverse worlds, and rugged, primitive frontier planets.

Subforums: D'Qar, Yavin IV, Eadu, Endor Moon, Mandalore, Moraband, Scarif, Scipio, Tatooine

8 30 Apr 9 2017, 09:05 AM
In: Feels like it is all a test
By: Jyn Erso
No New Posts Hutt Space
Hutt Space was an autonomous region of the galaxy on the border between the Mid Rim and the Outer Rim Territories, near the entrance to Wild Space. It encompassed the Si'Klaata Cluster, and bordered on the Tion Hegemony. Hutt Space was named for the Hutt species, who dominated the region. Reasonable estimates range from a few hundred to a thousand inhabited worlds.

Subforums: Nar Shaddaa

1 3 Mar 19 2017, 04:14 PM
In: One Foot in the Door
By: Maul
No New Posts Western Reaches
The Western Reaches were an area of the galaxy west of the Trailing Sectors beyond the Rimma Trade Route, and home to Jakku. The distance from Coruscant caused the area to develop a sense of independence from the Core. As a result, it was a place for brooding rebellion during the Galactic Civil War along with Imperial atrocities and secret experiments.

Subforums: Jakku

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No New Posts The Unknown
The Unknown Regions were a region of the galaxy located in the galactic west. Largely unexplored throughout galactic history, it remained a mystery to space travelers and served as a source of tales and wonders. The Ilum system and the planet Rakata Prime were located in the Unknown Regions.

Subforums: Ilum, Rakata Prime

1 1 Mar 22 2017, 08:08 PM
In: Steps of the Apprentice
By: Maul
No New Posts Wild Space
Wild Space was the frontier of galactic society, separating the known parts of the galaxy from the Unknown Regions of the western half of the galactic disk, as well as the fringes of the Outer Rim Territories and the arms of the galaxy. The term had varied greatly over the years, encompassing all areas of partially explored or charted areas as known throughout various stages of galactic history.

Subforums: Mortis, Teth

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No New Posts Spacecraft
The galaxy is filled with many various and colorful starships. Use this forum for any threads that take place in deep space.

Subforums: Empire Craft, Rebellion Craft, Independent Vessels

4 6 Mar 29 2017, 09:49 AM
In: And the Heavens Fled From H...
By: Wilhuff Tarkin
No New Posts Communique
The galaxy has many different forms of communication, whether it be through letters, datapads, hologram, or a myriad of other ways to speak across the galaxy. Use this space for such chatter. Just be careful, you never know who's listening.

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No New Posts Off-Topic
Post any off-topic things here, as well as absences, graphic shops, and games!

Subforums: Absences

3 2 Mar 28 2017, 03:56 AM
In: Work and Vacation
By: Darth Vader
No New Posts Advertising
Candyland Couture RPG-DWe Are Warriors
Subforums: First Timers, Link Backs, Accepted Ads

430 5 May 23 2018, 12:15 PM
In: Dalibor Weyr
By: Zane
No New Posts HYFI 1.0

656 3588 Nov 9 2016, 08:50 PM
In: Con Time
By: Poe Dameron

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